let’s play “where did i steal this picture from”

fan photos with kevin will be the death of me.

Title: Diamonds (COVER)
Artist: Andrew Garcia
Played: 1789 times


Never posted this cause i was unsure… but oh well guess ill post it here=)

“Diamonds” Cover

Jai Brooks from the Janoskians tweets an old photo of Ryan Higa [x]


i spend so much time trying to make this blog look nice and it’s still ugly but what’s the point because in the end nobody looks at my blog anyway

///what do i need to do to get supportive followers like cindy i ran her blog for two weeks and talked to more people in that time than i ever did on mine

like i’m sorry that this fandom has about 10 people in it and i can’t even expand into other fandoms because i don’t watch movies or tv shows or listen to bands (besides one direction and i dropped the one direction tumblr fandom because it was too stressful) or watch sports

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i’m too lazy to fix this but remind me to never use jpeg format again

Kevin was joking about being jealous of Justin’s success in his latest video, but doesn’t he look a little bitter with Sam Futerman on the red carpet of 21 and Over’s premiere?

i’m puking i love them so much